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How Helpful Are You?
Kathy Thompson
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Title: “How Helpful Are You?”

– by Kathy Thompson

(c) Kathy Thompson – All Rights Reserved

“How Helpful Are You?”

You like to be of service and help others. You are

happiest when helping people personally. But you seem to

lack the value of money.

How can you tell? Look in the mirror. The more concave

(turned up, ski-jump nose), the more helpful you are.

When you use this personality trait positively, you are

spontaneous and helpful. Your human values come first. You

know what needs to be done for others, and you do it. You

give service without regard for reward.

When you use this personality trait negatively, you lack

appreciation of material value, and the ability to keep money.

Others may take advantage of you. You waste time on

unprofitable activities, and devalue your donated services.

Here are some tips when you are around someone else who is


1. Don’t let them do the household finances

2. Help them to put money and charity in proper perspective.

3. Help them to take better care of money.

4. Don’t take advantage of them. They need to learn the value

of material things, including their own service.

5. They should accept pay for services.

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With 8 years of teaching and 15 years in

Toastmasters, Kathy Thompson really enjoys

writing and speaking. She has a B. S. in

Business Communications and has taught her

programs around the country at various businesses

and Adult Education Centers.

She writes and speaks about Health, Personal

Communications (writing & speaking), and her

unique specialty of “Face Reading” has brought

her plenty of media attention.

Kathy’s goal is to help you be all you can

be and reach your potential.