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Liquidated and Repo PC Profits
Harry S Richards
My own core business is in reselling computers for regular fast profits. In fact the business reached the seven figure mark a few years ago. Now I resell repossessed and liquidated PCs, Notebooks-Laptops on a daily basis having established an elite core of reliable suppliers, in Europe, UK, Canada and the USA. In fact, you can operate the business in any democratic country in the world.

It’s a very simple business and there’s really nothing to prevent you from starting your own liquidated resale business just as I have done.

Your chance to produce an annual income from your own home, or even from a commercial unit, reselling computers and software for profit is a definite possibility. Not only that but I will also tell you in this article where to lay your hands on valuable merchandise at rock-bottom trade prices.

Unlike most other businesses which require a great amount of starting capital, there is a proven method you can use to make money almost from day one. No fancy premises are required. Very little capital is needed, as it is possible to start with just a couple of notebooks to resell and then to accumulate seed capital from initial profits made which can be as high as 150 percent on liquidated items.

You can operate a computer trading business from premises or from the comfort of your home. This business is unaffected by slumps and recessions which tend to hurt most other businesses. Our own trade-training website at has been up and running for over six years and to date it has been responsible for training over ten thousand dealers to date. Not all of them have been successful, that would be an impossible scenario, but a significant number have, and several have become wholesale dealers themselves.

Sales of computers and computer software remain buoyant despite recent peaks and troughs and show no sign of reaching a peak. In fact it is growing worldwide at a staggering rate. More and more men and women are needed to help in the promotion and marketing of computers and computer related products.

If you haven’t done any selling previously don’t be concerned about it, there is no shortage of eager, willing buyers. All you need the desire to make regular cash profits. There is definitely no hard-selling involved . . . enthusiasm and a little common sense is really all you need to make good money in the business.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the computer business, it is essential when writing to the suppliers and other contacts to type your letters on your business letterhead. Many of the listed contacts will ONLY deal with TRADE and some will need PROOF of your credentials as a bona-fide trader.

You will come across some wholesale ads which specifically state TRADE ONLY. Therefore, you should WRITE on printed business headed notepaper first.

To operate the Business during the Initial stages, you will need nothing other than a couple of duplicate books for sales and purchases, but when progressing into TRADE PURCHASES you should have made sufficient profits to up-grade your business and to afford the costs of ordering printed business letterheads

If you write to a Trade Supplier, it is highly unlikely that they will respond to your letter if it is written on a plain sheet of paper. Remember, as a Trader you have an image to establish . . . your stationery can build up your image or tear it down. Never write to any source in handwritten form.

Never indicate in any letter to any source that you are new to the business . . . this does not infer that you should be dishonest in any way – you simply have no need to tell them anything about your new business other than that you are interested in obtaining trade supplies.

As an example just consider the kind of letters some suppliers receive a scribbled handwritten letter which states “I am thinking of starting a computer dealership …” He’ll still be thinking of it in years from now and such letters are considered a complete waste of time by trade suppliers. What you should do, (even if you are “just thinking about it”), is to write stating that you “intend” to start dealing in computers asking to be placed on their e-mailing list for price-lists, etc.

You can get a complete directory of Computer Wholesalers and Trade Suppliers as a free download from so now you can give it some serious consideration because you have the tools to make a start as a computer dealer.

Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site as long as you leave the author’s copyright and the links in place.

About the author:

Article by Harry S Richards of Beauforts PC Trading. Offers Notebook PC and Dealerships with Training for business based upon his own methods: http://www.beauforts.bizalso edits a unique Trading MART at

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