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“Your assigned character in life”
What do we need mostly to live happily in this world?

If we ask this question to anybody what will we expect the answer from them?

The answer we expect from them will be definitely money.

This is the answer we expect mostly from anybody.

Can the money will be dropped from the roof if anybody sit idle in their home?

Let us imagine what are the ordeals we are encountering daily to acquire this money.

The first qualification we must have to acquire this money is to be more busy than a bee.

For acquiring this money we have to fly like a bee from morning to till we retire in the night.

In this connection please just imagine about our routine for acquiring this money.

When the morning came we have to fulfill our and family immediate needs other wise the starting of the day itself become a trouble for us.Then we have to expect this trouble’s velocity in our work.

After that we have to prepare for our journey to the work spot and we will get a shy of relief only if our public transport reached in time to our work spot or we have successfully crossed the floods of signals and traffic on the way to our work spot if we own conveyance.

There at our workspot,whatever may be our mood or health we have to show our excellence in the drama(your work)through the character we have been assigned.If we have been assigned the role of comedian we have to act as a comedian in front of the customers or colleagues or chief executive.

Even if we have the talent to act as a hero we cannot outbound our assigned character.

When the evening came and after we come out of our work spot we have to prepare for another ordeal what we have started in the morning.The same thing getting the public transport or crossing the floods of signals and traffic.

This is the routine most of us experiencing daily.Why this routine?Because to earn money for maintaining our family and for other purposes.

We must remember that money is necessary in this world for our survival.But money alone cannot make us to survive in this world happily.

We may have seen in our real life that there are many people who may have millions and millions of dollars of assets but they cannot eat whatever they like? Because they have to be under strict diet control.Whether the money they have the power to break their diet control or free them from their disease?Absolutely it is not possible.

In the present fast world we are also concerning only with the earning of money alone but it is doubt whether we know how the means of earning money directly or indirectly affecting our health.

Is it necessary for us to earn this money after sacrificing our health directly or indirectly.

Can we have any solution in this world to enjoy the money we are earning without sacrificing our health directly or indirectly.

‘If you have a fine board,then only you can paint’

Like this,if you have a good health then only you can enjoy the money coming out of your earning.

Then what we have to do to have a good health at the same time without letting our money earning capability also?It is very easy.

Good health can be achieved only if we have a calm state of mind.

Good health and calm state of mind are closely interlinked.

How good health is interlinked with calm state of mind?

If there is no peace or calm state of mind then there will be storm like feelings in our heart.Psychologists are calling these feelings as stress.

The basic reason for this stress is due to the accumulation of thoughts and feelings in our heart caused out of our routine life.

These stresses makes us like a patient and some times later it will really makes us a patient.

If we don’t have any stress in our mind we will have a good health and thereby we can really enjoy the happiness coming out of our earnings,otherwise we have to spend all our earnings to the physician.

Not only that we have to waste your time also for waiting at the clinic.Waiting is something horrible than spending money.

If we keep our mind intact then every thing will be in order.When our mind is intact we can earn more wisely at the same time giving sufficient rest and strength to the body.

When the body have sufficient rest and strength there is no place for tension,dejection and depression.We can also approach any problem in the real sense and find out solution quickly and effectively,find a satisfactory relationship with our family also.

When all these things are coming together real enjoyment of life can be possible whatever may be the profession or the strain.

So this calm state of mind is the origin for all of our happiness.Whether it is possible to have this calm state of mind?

Yes it is possible.

Through a mind relaxing technique anybody can get this calm state of mind.

This mind relaxing technique is not the technique which has been invented by great scientists of recent century.

It has been in existence for thousands and thousands

of years in this universe which has been followed by our ancestors.

The mind relaxing technique is nothing but refining the mind.

The feelings in the form stress are recorded deeply into our heart and will run like a motion picture when we close our eyes.Sleeping is not possible with all these garbage in the heart in the form of feelings otherwise called stress.

Stresses are the origin for all diseases.

To get rid of the ill effects of the stress we should practice this mind relaxing technique in our daily life as a part of our routine.

What is a mind relaxing technique and how it should be practiced.?

If you are interested to learn this mind relaxing technique email to me,I shall explain in detail about this technique.



About the author:

Author’s bio:
Krishnan.c, was formerly working in a State Govt.Corporation in India.

He is writting articles mostly on motivational topics blended with his professional and personal experiences.

He has written many artilces on parenting,childen,health practices,etc.,

His articles are being published in many internet sites.

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