Bad Circulation A Silent Killer



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Bad circulation, a silent killer
Hege Crowton
I did realize I was one of them, I just did not know how many of us it was.

Now you are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about.

Bad circulation! A condition affecting around 10 million people here in the United States alone.

Poor circulation has been a part of everyday life for me, for many years now, and I never gave it a second thought.

Little did I know how serious this problem could be? Being a little over weight I always worried about serious illnesses like diabetes and heart attacks.

Never in my wildest imagination would I have believed that a little tingling in my arms and legs could prove more dangerous than those. You probably did not think so either, did you?

Come to find out, bad circulation can be a very sneaky and silent killer. It literally sneaks around in your body and only gives you small hints (arms and legs falling asleep) now and then that something might be going on in your body which might not be so good.

Terrified is probably how you would feel if you knew what this condition can lead to unless you get it under control.

A lot of things can cause bad circulation such as obesity, smoking and to little exercise. This does not necessarily mean that you have to get involved in a lot of activities, just get back to what was once normal.

People in today’s society generally get way to little exercise. We hardly do any moving around. You probably drive everywhere you have to go, while years ago people would walk or ride their bikes.

How often do you see your neighbors going for a walk or you for that matter?

If you are one of those suffering from bad circulation you need to worry because the end results of having poor circulation might be you loosing a limb due to gangrene which is caused by bad circulation.

Even worst is the clogging of the arteries that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Come to find out, these things can be so easily prevented just by recognizing the symptoms and taking action.

Yes, you can prevent this from happening to you!

It was a stroke of luck how I found out. Luck or maybe it was meant to be that I typed the wrong thing in my computer and ended up on a wrong web site.

Mind you, this subject was not even close to being on my mind when I stumbled across this site. It sure has been since and I feel that with all the people suffering from this condition, they obviously need to be made aware of what they are dealing with.

Knowing might just mean the difference between life and death.

If you are, or even have a suspicion that you might have problems with bad circulation you really should do some research.

Your life is worth that much at least, is it not?

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