How To Publish Your Way To Success



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How To Publish Your Way To Success
BB Lee

Did you know, self-publishing is one of the easiest ways to
make money on the web. Of course, it requires talent,
but it’s easier to learn than you might think.

Getting Started:

Choose a subject that interest you. Select a
subject you enjoy or want to learn about. As an
example for this article, we will use “Computer Tips.”

Okay, next collect the information to put in the
book about “Computer Tips”. A good idea to collect tips
would be to use your own knowledge, contacts, friends, online
associates, family members, even neighbors.

Contact everyone you know who owns a computer,
ask them to share their favorite computer tips with you.
Tell them if you use their tip you will include their name in the book.
After several contacts you should have acquired a stack of
solid information.

Now, it’s time to start sorting the information and
separating it into categories. For example beginner tips,
hardware tips, software tips, online tips, troubleshooting
tips. Place each category into it’s own file. Each of these
categories will be the chapters in your book.

Next, begin composing your book on the computer. Don’t panic!
It’s not that hard. Write a brief intro. Write your name and
contact information, any copyright information, a brief
disclaimer. Publishing date, origin of publishing.

Remember all those tips you collected. Select the best
tips of the lot. Now break that down into brief chapters.

Now end the book with a pertinent
ending sentence or paragraph. Your name, contact
information and a link back to your website.

Now the book is ready to publish.. You’ve read everything
and checked for misspelled words or obvious grammar mistakes.
You are now ready to see the final result of your hard work.

If you publish online you will need an ebook creator, which
could cost anywhere from $29 and up. Or you might decide
to search online with Google or Yahoo for “free ebook
creation software” and download.

Download the software and take it for a test drive.
Follow the instructions on setting up your files and

If your ebook is less than 10 pages you might decide to
call it a report. More than 10 pages would classify as a

Well, alright now. Let’s sell that book and make a profit!
One good idea is to call all the people who offered you tips
for your book. Price the book around $20.00
Sounds like a deal! Especially for people hungry for helpful
tips from a savvy computer expert like you.

Offer all the contributors a discount on your new book. Maybe
a 50 percent discount. Everyone who contributes would certainly
love to have a copy with their byline (name) included. This is
called ego stroking sales tactics(works for me!)

Have a website? Offer the ebook to all your website visitors.
Set up a sales page advertising your book along with ordering
instructions. You will want to set up a shopping cart to handle
sales. Or alternatively use a service like pay pal or clickbank
to handle sales without the hassle of needing a merchant account.
Note: Although clickbank cost money to host your book you will
attract affiliates who will eagerly sell your book. This
translates to more profits.

Also, consider contacting ezine owners online. Offer them a free
copy of your book in exchange for advertising space in their
publication. Visit online ezine directories and search for ezines
in a similar category as your book. Contact the editor with
pertinent details.

It’s amazingly easy to create your very own book online. There’s no
hidden secret to publishing. So called publishing guru’s want you
to think they have the answers or insider secrets. For most of
those on the Internet the so called secret is just a good idea
and a way to reach targeted customers.

Every person reading this article has a book inside of them! Think
about it. Everybody knows something about a topic that other people
would pay good money to learn about. You can be sure!

So, what are you waiting for. Get Busy! Pick a topic, gather the
information, process it. You’ll be a published writer online.
Others will think of you as their writer friend. You’ll be able
to strut your stuff with a certain pride. Yup, I’m a writer!
And place that on all your emails, letters, stationary, and
business cards.

About The Author

BB Lee is editor of SmallBizBits News. And yup, a freelance writer online for 5 years. If you like this article please visit: For more fresh articles.

This article was posted on November 24, 2005